We Don’t Need Another Hero

It seems that once again, Adrian Dater has caught the ire of Avalanche fans. His tweet commenting on the crowd at the 3/6 game against the Wild has me wondering:  when did Dater START sticking up for Avs fans?

My opinion of the Denver hockey media has never been a good one. Altitude is the biggest bunch of homers you’ll ever meet, but they’re not my source of news. They call the game. If I want some actual insight, I’ll head over to the Denver Post. The Post is probably the best local mainstream coverage of the team you’ll find, but it’s no secret that the biggest critic of the Avs and their fans is Dater. It’s not perfect, but it’s what we got.

The Avs were 24th in attendance last year. Considering where they were in the standings, I’d say that’s a pretty fair place to be. When a team does poorly, they lose fans. When they do well, they gain them. The Stanley Cup honeymoon is over. Hardcore fans like me will still cheer, but I’m not the guy the team is trying to sell tickets to. Dater is really missing the point by blaming the hockey market for an empty arena. This latest jab at the loyalty of fans in Denver should be ignored. You can argue that Dater doesn’t “stick up” for the hockey market he covers, but why should he? The job of a reporter is to tell the facts, while the job of a columnist is to sell papers. Dater plays both roles, so he’s going to blur the line. Criticisms about attendance and loyalty (which Dater has made about many markets, not just Colorado) will always cause a stir, and a stir gets people reading.

The team will eventually do well again, and after awhile Dater’s comments will shift to how packed the Can is. When that time comes, don’t stick up for Adrian. He’s not sticking up for you.


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  • Adater

    We’ll agree to disagree on this. You have to put the tweet into context with a couple of previous blogs where I threw down the gloves and defended the Denver hockey market to Pittsburgh bandwagon fans. Then, 9,500 people show up the next home game for an important late-season game.
    Am I supposed to just ignore that?
    But if you want to make me the punching bag for every problem, fine.

  • Adater

    So to answer the question in the headline, the answer is: Saturday night