Potential Return of Forsberg Has Historic Implications

The offending organ

On January 22nd, Peter Forsberg will begin practicing with the Avalanche to test his NHL mettle for a possible return. Most are focusing on the Foppa, which leaves an interesting fact overlooked.

With the addition of Matt Hunwick to the team this season, the Avalanche added a second person to their roster without a spleen. Hunwick lost his in 2009 while with the Boston Bruins. Peter Forsberg lost his in 2001. Right now, the Avalanche probably have the least amount of spleens of any NHL team without Forsberg. However, with his addition to the practice squad, the team is one step closer to confidently proclaiming sole ownership of such an odd record.

At the very least, Hunwick and Forsberg can compare scars and stories about their organs rupturing.

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