A Friendly Wager for a Not-So-Friendly Rivalry


Detroit Red Wings v Colorado Avalanche

Fellow Twitter user @inhyung is visiting Denver tonight to watch her beloved Red Wings take on my beloved Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center. Instead of trading the usual barbs that fans from each camp are wont to do, she’s come up with a much better idea for how to celebrate the outcome of the game.

We’ve laid down the following rules for a friendly wager that will benefit the local children’s hospitals in Michigan and Colorado:

For each goal the Red Wings score, I’ll be donating $5 dollars to the Herm to Hockeytown effort that directly benefits the Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s Child Life Program Fund.

For each goal the Avalanche score, @inhyung will be donating $5 to The Children’s Hospital Foundation here in Denver.

If the Red Wings win, I’ll double my contribution. If the Avalanche win, @inhyung will double hers.

It should be a fun wager that adds some real substance to the trash talk. I invite you to also take the time to join us in our wager and donate as well. GO AVS!

You can read the musings of @inhyung at The Red Machine.

UPDATE: @shellieshel, another Avs fan has thrown her hat into the ring as well, so that’s a double contribution and possible quadruple contribution to H2H!

UPDATE 2: With the Red Wings winning 3-2, @shellieshell, @sandyhens, and I will each donate $30 to H2H.


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